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It’s All Greek to Me: A/B “Split” Testing with Easypurl

A/B, or Alpha/Beta, Testing is a marketing strategy in which parallel marketing campaigns are simultaneously launched to gauge their relative effectiveness and see which will result in a greater level of audience engagement.

a/b split

A/B Testing with Easypurl is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build better campaigns.

Easypurl has A/B “Split” Testing built into its platform to empower marketers to make the smartest possible decisions when crafting their integrated-marketing campaigns.

The jargon-y nature of the term may sound intimidating for non-data-nerds, but in reality, A/B Testing with Easypurl is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build better campaigns.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create 2 versions of the same landing page.

Mix up the copy, change up some images, etc., but keep the nuts and bolts of the pages the same.

2. Set a threshold of hits to define a winner.

Determine how many many hits/page views a landing page has to get in order to be declared victorious.

3. Let Easypurl keep it a fair game.

Allow the Easypurl platform to randomly choose which of the two landing pages to display to each individual customer or prospect to make sure that the statistics aren’t skewed.

4. Wait for the winner to emerge & let Easypurl do the rest!

Once one of the two landing pages hits the winning threshold, Easypurl will automatically set the winning page to be the only one displayed in that campaign to ensure maximum marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Easypurl’s embedded A/B “Split” Testing capability is just one of the potent analytics features that make our platform a time-tested and industry-approved resource for integrated marketers the world over.

To learn more about how Easypurl can bring the power of analytics to your organization via A/B “Split” Testing, personalized URLs (PURLs) and more, request a free trial today!

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