We Predicted The Future Of Cross-Media. Or Did We?

We predicted the future of cross-media 20 months ago. Read it here. We decided it was time to evaluate the accuracy of our prophecies. And boy, are we feeling smug! What we said then: • Personalized URLs – “…Personalized URLs are more than a gimmick,” we urged, explaining how Personalized URLs and Cross-Media Services are the future of direct marketing. Well, they are now the Read More →

SWOT Analysis Of The Print Industry

Here is a SWOT analysis of the print industry by our VP Sales & Marketing, Rio Longacre. (Remember him? He’s the dude who recently gave you guys a lowdown on OnDemand.) For those of you who don’t know what it is, a SWOT analysis breaks down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing an industry or organization. Strengths and weaknesses are internal to printing companies; Read More →

Web-To-Print Or PURLs?

What is the better way to upgrade your business – move-up to Web-to-print, or add cross-media services? Decisions, decisions. Let’s see if we can help. You have ask yourself why you are upgrading your business. If it is to build better customer relationships and increase margins, Web-to-print can help you do that. But, if your goal is to increase sales and drive-up revenue, cross-media tools Read More →

Why Your Email Campaign Needs PURLs. Now!

You’ve been running successful email campaigns for years, why bother adding PURLs now? Well, why would you shout from the rooftop when you can have one-to-one conversations with each of your customers? Email is just a message that you send out to your target. You lose control of the email once you hit send. A PURL is a response mechanism that’s included with your message on an Read More →

Deep Engagement Campaigns – The Right Way To Leverage Customer Information

How can you get very personal, but not too personal? How do you super-customize marketing campaigns for your customers without looking like a stalker? As convoluted as this seems, it can be done. There are two kinds of direct marketing that a company can carry out – Shallow Engagement campaigns and Deep Engagement campaigns. A Shallow Engagement campaign is a regular marketing campaign where the Read More →

Print HAS Changed – What 2010 On Demand Expo Taught Us

The print industry has changed. Yes, it’s not going to change. It’s no longer in the process of changing. This is our biggest takeaway from this year’s expo. (This, and “always carry an umbrella,” and “you can never have enough free tote bags.”) The country is emerging from a recession and it has not been easy for many industries.  The print industry went through substantial contraction and Read More →

Wrapping Up On Demand 2010 – Note From Our VP of Sales (And Favorite Mentor) Rio Longacre

On Demand 2010 wraps up today in Philly, and if you are at the event and haven’t visited us yet, please do! We’ve had hundreds of brilliant conversations with people stopping by booth #1132, and we can’t get enough. Attendance is much better than anticipated. Despite dire predictions from others, we’ve had a good turnout. Marketing works. Or, more specifically, our marketing worked. To help Read More →

Easypurl At The 2010 On Demand Expo

We are in Philly, at the On Demand Conference. Stop by at booth #1132, we’d love to say hello. What’s everyone talking about so far? Print is shrinking, but NOT DEAD; and QR Codes, PURLs and everything multi-channel.


Common Mistakes In Cross Media Production

Here are few mistakes that we frequently see first-time cross media marketers make. Again, guys, the keyword is “common.” Poor list hygiene: A squeaky clean list is the first step to a successful campaign. Incorrect formatting, or data in the wrong columns will make it difficult to generate PURLs, landing pages and emails, or will generate them incorrectly. Bad Data: Incorrect, incomplete or outdated data is fatal Read More →

Common Mistakes In Cross Media Sales

We have put together six common mistakes that we have seen cross media sellers make. The keyword here is “common” – everybody does it. So if any of the below points apply to you, don’t sweat it, it just means you are normal. And the best part is that they are simple to correct or avoid. Here they are: Selling on response rate increase: Many service Read More →

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