Print HAS Changed – What 2010 On Demand Expo Taught Us

The print industry has changed. Yes, it’s not going to change. It’s no longer in the process of changing. This is our biggest takeaway from this year’s expo. (This, and “always carry an umbrella,” and “you can never have enough free tote bags.”) The country is emerging from a recession and it has not been easy for many industries.  The print industry went through substantial contraction and Read More →

Wrapping Up On Demand 2010 – Note From Our VP of Sales (And Favorite Mentor) Rio Longacre

On Demand 2010 wraps up today in Philly, and if you are at the event and haven’t visited us yet, please do! We’ve had hundreds of brilliant conversations with people stopping by booth #1132, and we can’t get enough. Attendance is much better than anticipated. Despite dire predictions from others, we’ve had a good turnout. Marketing works. Or, more specifically, our marketing worked. To help Read More →

Easypurl At The 2010 On Demand Expo

We are in Philly, at the On Demand Conference. Stop by at booth #1132, we’d love to say hello. What’s everyone talking about so far? Print is shrinking, but NOT DEAD; and QR Codes, PURLs and everything multi-channel.


Common Mistakes In Cross Media Production

Here are few mistakes that we frequently see first-time cross media marketers make. Again, guys, the keyword is “common.” Poor list hygiene: A squeaky clean list is the first step to a successful campaign. Incorrect formatting, or data in the wrong columns will make it difficult to generate PURLs, landing pages and emails, or will generate them incorrectly. Bad Data: Incorrect, incomplete or outdated data is fatal Read More →

Common Mistakes In Cross Media Sales

We have put together six common mistakes that we have seen cross media sellers make. The keyword here is “common” – everybody does it. So if any of the below points apply to you, don’t sweat it, it just means you are normal. And the best part is that they are simple to correct or avoid. Here they are: Selling on response rate increase: Many service Read More →

PURLs + Social Media = Marketers' Dream Come True

Imagine this. You plant a GURL (general URL) on a social network. A user responds to the link. Using the information he provides, you create a PURL and include a “forward to a friend” option with the offer. The user then forwards the offer to thirty people within his network. Ten of those thirty respond to the offer, and forward it to more people within Read More →

Questions To Ask Your Customers (Hint: It Pays To Be Nosy)

Remember the good old days when all you needed to know from your customers was card color, type and quantity? Sigh. They’re gone. With today’s cross media marketing campaigns, the more questions you ask your customers, the more likely you are to succeed. We have spoken about how, to price a campaign, you need to “begin at the end.”  That just means – begin with finding Read More →

How PURLs Are Priced

Elsewhere on this blog, we’ve discussed the price components of a personalized URL (PURL) campaign.  For example, remember the setup costs that we spoke about before? Personalized landing pages and PURLs are a huge part of the setup cost of any given campaign — and so we thought it might help to understand how PURLs are typically priced.   The Landing Page Even the most basic Read More →

Why Pricing Marketing Campaigns Is Like Raising Kids…

So why is pricing a marketing campaign like raising children? If you work at an agency or printer – or, if you are enterprise marketer who has worked with an agency or printer – you know that marketing campaigns are a lot like kids: Each one requires special attention, no two are the same and while the first one is the hardest, it gets easier Read More →

Pricing A Cross Media Campaign: BEGIN AT THE END

That’s right, begin at the end – start with the number of leads that the campaign is expected to generate.

Read More →

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