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PURLs; QR Codes; Direct Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Using PURLs and QR Codes in Direct Marketing

Savvy direct marketers are now taking their direct mail pieces to the next level by integrating PURLs and QR Codes to increase response, facilitate tracking, and amp up campaign effectiveness. These simple marketing tactics can increase results dramatically, and lead to improved one-on-one communication capabilities. A PURL, or Personalized URL, is a unique and personalized web address which is created for each target customer or prospect who Read More →

8 Fundamental Principles for Astonishing Direct Marketing Success

8 Fundamental Principles for Astonishing Direct Marketing Success

While the purpose of direct marketing is to identify, contact and motivate members of a primary purchasing demographic, there is little industry agreement on how to reach these goals. To increase understanding of this vital topic, Easypurl presents eight fundamental principles for astonishing direct marketing success: 1. Know the objective: Many direct marketing campaigns are implemented without a clear idea of what they are intended to Read More →

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