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Your Reward For A Year Of Excellent Marketing: A Free Bahamas Vacation For Two!

To celebrate the end to an exciting year in marketing we thought that an opportunity to win a trip to the Bahamas would be the perfect reward for the hard-working marketing folks who spent countless hours creating successful campaigns in 2013. That’s why we developed our little gamification campaign to give you and other marketers the option to pick your perfect vacation – complete with Read More →

Why Personalization is Key in Education Marketing

Personalization can help your education-marketing efforts make the grade. Here’s why.

Read More →

Extra! Extra! 5-Part Playbook Series Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce an upcoming five-part “Playbook” series detailing industry-specific marketing solutions using Easypurl software and solutions. Titles will include: Direct-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs for Market Research Internal-Marketing Playbook: Recruiting High-Value Employees with PURLs Operations Playbook:  Using PURLs to Measure Operational Efficiency Travel-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs to Bypass OTAs and Capture Direct Bookings Higher-Education Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs to Application Collection & Review Easypurl Read More →

Definitions: Cross-Media Marketing And Multi-Channel Marketing

Over the past few months here at the Easypurl Insider we’ve been exploring the world of cross-media, mostly discussing specific technologies and how they can be applied to make your marketing initiatives more effective… things like QR codes, Postal Tracking with IMBs, PixelPURL, etc. All of these cool and interesting technologies fall under the general umbrella of Cross-Media Marketing tools. This begs the question, however, Read More →

Top-10 Reasons Your Business Needs Cross-Media Services Now!

If you’re a Print Service Provider, Marketing Firm or Agency and you’re still wondering why you need Cross-Media (Seriously? What is this, 1995?), you should read through this post quickly, and pick up the phone and contact the leading Cross-Media software vendor (cough…Easypurl…cough) right away. So, here it is… The top-10 reasons your business needs Cross-Media Services now: Cross-Media tools make direct marketing more effective Read More →

An Idiot's Guide to Setting up a Cross-Media Project

Okay, so you’ve sold your first Cross-Media Campaign. Great. So now what? We know, this is new to many you. If you’re a printer, there’s a good chance you’ve never done anything like this before. Before you panic, however, here are several  things to keep in mind  that should make this process a breeze. 1: Domain. We know this item sounds self-explanatory, but every Cross-Media Read More →

Deep Engagement Campaigns – The Right Way To Leverage Customer Information

How can you get very personal, but not too personal? How do you super-customize marketing campaigns for your customers without looking like a stalker? As convoluted as this seems, it can be done. There are two kinds of direct marketing that a company can carry out – Shallow Engagement campaigns and Deep Engagement campaigns. A Shallow Engagement campaign is a regular marketing campaign where the Read More →

Common Mistakes In Cross Media Sales

We have put together six common mistakes that we have seen cross media sellers make. The keyword here is “common” – everybody does it. So if any of the below points apply to you, don’t sweat it, it just means you are normal. And the best part is that they are simple to correct or avoid. Here they are: Selling on response rate increase: Many service Read More →

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