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Recieving sms messages from a marketing campaign

6 Benefits of Incorporating SMS Into Your Marketing Campaign

It’s said that behind every cloud there is a silver lining, and that is certainly true with the advent of mobile or digital technology. Everywhere you look, people are deeply engrossed in their smartphones, sending and receiving messages, or interacting on social media. While some might see an obsession, marketers see an opportunity to capitalize on this communication channel — a SMS marketing campaign. About SMS Read More →

Stay In Control With Easypurl.com Marketing Automation Tools

Question: What’s better than a flawless marketing campaign? Answer: A flawless marketing campaign that runs itself automatically while you sleep. We’re talking about setting up email and SMS triggers at key points in your campaigns, to various segments of your list, to remind, respond and follow-up with your audience throughout the entire campaign life-cycle. We’re talking about Marketing Automation tools. With Marketing Automation tools like Read More →

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