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Inbound Marketing Benefits: 5 Ways You Can Improve Your ROI

Inbound marketing has so many benefits, it’s quickly becoming a central part of every quality advertising strategy. Online marketing, including PPC campaigns, is 54 percent successful at generating leads. By comparison, TV advertisements are less than 1 percent successful. By understanding the different components of online marketing, you can begin to create an effective strategy that offers a strong ROI. SEO Recent research has indicated that Read More →

Why Personalization is Key in Education Marketing

Personalization can help your education-marketing efforts make the grade. Here’s why.

Read More →

Extra! Extra! 5-Part Playbook Series Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce an upcoming five-part “Playbook” series detailing industry-specific marketing solutions using Easypurl software and solutions. Titles will include: Direct-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs for Market Research Internal-Marketing Playbook: Recruiting High-Value Employees with PURLs Operations Playbook:  Using PURLs to Measure Operational Efficiency Travel-Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs to Bypass OTAs and Capture Direct Bookings Higher-Education Marketing Playbook: Using PURLs to Application Collection & Review Easypurl Read More →

Make your next direct mail campaign go Viral with Easypurl SocialShare

Mobile Marketing and Social Media  – buzzwords that are rocking the marketing industry. The current marketing landscape is turning social media and mobile entrepreneurs into instant billionaires while leaving the average marketing professional scratching their heads… Makes you wonder – where does direct mail or traditional direct marketing fit… or does it? Easypurl helps answer that question. Introducing Easypurl SocialShare – a momentous leap in Read More →

Hey Non-Profits, Boost Your Fundraising With PURLs And Landing Pages

How can PURLs help non-profits raise more funds despite shrunken marketing budgets and declining response rates? Non-profits send out direct mail throughout the year to boost membership and generate donations for their various fundraising initiatives. Money makes the world go round, and non-profits are no exception, as the mighty dollar is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Like most direct mailers, non-profits face the Read More →

PURLs + Social Media = Marketers' Dream Come True

Imagine this. You plant a GURL (general URL) on a social network. A user responds to the link. Using the information he provides, you create a PURL and include a “forward to a friend” option with the offer. The user then forwards the offer to thirty people within his network. Ten of those thirty respond to the offer, and forward it to more people within Read More →

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