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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Including IVR and Call Tracking In Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

Call tracking and IVR

Interactive voice response, or IVR for short, is a telecommunications system that automatically interacts with customers on your behalf. IVR can operate via phone keypad or by leveraging voice recognition capabilities. You can record personalized messages and allow the system to dynamically respond to a variety of responses and inquiries.

With call tracking, you are able to use a unique phone number for each campaign you run. This makes it simple to easily track the results of each campaign separately. With the right solution, you’ll be able to combine IVR and call tracking to automate your entire campaign and analyze it in one single place (such as the Easypurl Reporting Dashboard).

Here are five of the most compelling reasons that IVR and call tracking will make a difference in your next direct marketing campaign:

1. Provides a Personalized Experience

One of the biggest myths about IVR is that it doesn’t provide a personalized experience, especially for outbound calls. With its dynamic voice recognition capabilities, this couldn’t be further from the truth. IVR can integrate into your overall multi-channel marketing strategy alongside methods like Personalized URLs (PURLs) and automated email trigger notifications, and you’ll have the opportunity to measure and analyze responses for each campaign, and optimize your marketing efforts. With call tracking, you’ll have one simple tool that lets you make sure your messages are on-target.

2. Saves Your Sales Team Time

Direct marketing campaigns that include IVR as a primary contact method are a great way to relieve your sales team of having to call on hundreds or even thousands of unqualified leads and letting them focus on qualified, warm leads. Simply set-up some qualifying questions and if somebody scores well on them, they can be transferred automatically to sales. If you wish, you may even implement an option that allows any interested prospect to skip the qualifying and proceed directly to sales by speaking a particular term or pressing a specific number.

3. Gathers Feedback

Feedback is critical to any company, especially in regards to marketing and customer service. You can use IVR to gather valuable feedback automatically and analyze the results in a simple dashboard, or by automatically calling customers and passing anybody who’s interested along to a live person.

4. Lowers Your Budget

Using Easypurl to power your direct marketing campaigns not only means you can incorporate IVR, call tracking, and a variety of additional personalized solutions into your campaigns, it also helps you optimize your marketing dollars. Instead of having to pay additional sales people to dial numbers all day or another marketing analyst to segment, track, and report on each campaign, everything is automated. This saves your company money and allows the employees you do have to focus on more valuable tasks.

5. Keeps Your Sales Team Sane

Your sales team works hard talking to prospective customers every single day and cold-calling prospects is grating. Incorporating IVR into your outbound marketing campaigns saves your sales team from a lot of abuse and keeps their spirits high. Considering how valuable sales is to your company as a whole, the use of IVR is a great way to boost sales performance and improve overall retention.

By including IVR and call tracking as part of your next integrated or multi-channel marketing campaign, you’ll be able to boost conversions, save time and money, and create a truly personalized experience for every single prospect or customer. Best of all – Easypurl allows you to handle all of this in a single, centralized location. For more information on how Easypurl can help you, simply give us a call at 866-463-7671 or visit us by clicking here.

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